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An Astronaut Program For Women

In the early 1980s, the United States put its first woman into space, a full two decades after space travel began.  So why didn’t women get their chance even though they had undergone astronaut testing as early as 1961…

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Training Another Gender for Outer Space

The first man in space, the first man to orbit the earth, the first man to walk on the moon…you may know those pioneers and you may have never have given a second thought to the fact they are all men.  This U.S. researcher thought it should perhaps be the other gender who made those […]

The Worst Blizzard You Ever Experienced

If you are ever tempted to think the winter weather where you live is bad…just wait until you hear Brian Clark’s story.  Chances are he’ll easily be able to top the worst blizzard tale you have ever experienced… SharePrintEmail

Extreme Conditions At the Top of the Mountain

The warmest temperature ever recorded here was 72 degrees.  It once got down to 47 below.  Brian Clark’s job is to be stranded here a week at a time every winter… SharePrintEmail

Clear For 130 Miles

This lookout sees an average of 237 days of fog each year…but on a clear day you can see up to 130 miles.  It’s a place that draws huge crowds in the summer and a place that sets some chilly records in the winter… SharePrintEmail

Recycling With Positive Change

We’ve all heard of recycling programs, but this one in a small town in southern Missouri has a bit of a twist.  Sure it kept items from going in a landfill, but in inspired a lot of positive changes… SharePrintEmail

A Different School Fundraiser

If you have kids or grandkids in school, you’ve probably been asked to buy something as part of a school fundraiser.  Such was the case at this school, but a teacher and some students stepped forward with a unique way to raise money, and help the community without asking for donations… SharePrintEmail

Pawnee Bill

It may have seemed this famous western showman had married the wrong woman.  After all, his bride was a city girl who didn’t grow up around horses and cowboy life.  It turned out that she might have been the better cowboy of the pair… SharePrintEmail

The Cowboy Named Gordon Lillie

Many of us had childhood heroes, and for Gordon it was the famous showman Buffalo Bill.  What he might never have imagined was how he would eclipse the fame of the legend… SharePrintEmail

Claiming a Body in Two Different States

When two different cities, in two different states claim to have the body of the same man, well, you know there’s going to be a tale to tell.  We won’t tell you which place has the story right, but we will share the story nonetheless… SharePrintEmail

William Henry Roberts Junior

His name was William Henry Roberts Jr.  Or was it?  In fact, could you really believe any name this man said was his own?  He had a string of names that followed him and a long line of folks looking to apprehend him as well… SharePrintEmail

The Indirect Transformation of a Florida Neighborhood

When U.S. soldiers crossed the Atlantic to fight in World War I, they not only preserved freedom, they also discovered something that transformed a working class neighborhood in Tampa… SharePrintEmail

The History of Ybor City

Mention Ybor City to someone in Tampa, FL and they will probably tell you about all the great restaurants and clubs. However this neighborhood began over a century ago thanks to a man avoiding a death sentence… SharePrintEmail

Big Snows In Michigan

Some people measure snow in inches.  Here it is measured in feet.  Many years it’s measured in many dozens of feet that does not go away for a very long time… SharePrintEmail

Restoring An Abandoned Property

There is a lot of work that goes into restoring a home.  Now imagine you have an abandoned 13,000 square foot property that needs to be ready for visitors in one month SharePrintEmail

Building An Enormous Home

Some people need large homes to accommodate growing families.  For this builder, part of the motivation may have been to say, “I told you so” to his neighbors… SharePrintEmail

Best of 2017: A Store Named Pops

Most people travel Old Route 66 for the nostalgia.  So on the surface, this convenience store might not seem to fit in, because it was built well after the heyday of the Mother Road.  However, it’s a place that draws many locals and tourists alike… SharePrintEmail

Best of 2017: A Tribute to the Boll Weevil

Cotton was king in the southern U.S. in the early 20th century.  However it was one of the tiniest of creatures that dethroned the crop as supreme in the south… SharePrintEmail

Best of 2017: The Coon Dog Cemetery

It looks like many cemeteries in the U.S.  There are grave markers and flowers surrounding by many trees.  But this is not like any other cemetery in the U.S. And that’s because of who is buried here… SharePrintEmail

Best of 2017: Ishmpeming Skiing

Depending on where you live in the nation, certain sports may be more popular than others.  When you live in the upper peninsula of Michigan, there’s a good chance the sports you love have much to do with snow… SharePrintEmail

Best of 2017: A Place Called Iran

This land in southwest Texas appeared to be barren ranch country.  You could buy it for a relatively cheap price and the stock could roam for miles to graze on a little grass and water.  But Ira Yates noticed something that changed the area… SharePrintEmail

Christmas Day 1776

It was Christmas Day 1776…the first Christmas for the young United States of America.  If not for the bravery of General Washington and his men…it might have been the only Christmas the new nation celebrated… SharePrintEmail

A Pivotol Point in the Revolution

On Christmas Eve 1776…a general and his men did not prepare for a meal or gift giving…but rather they prepared ammunition, supplies and boats for a pivotal point in the Revolution… SharePrintEmail

Crossing An Icy River on Christmas

It’s one of the most famous battles of the American Revolution…and it all began with the crossing of an icy river at Christmas… SharePrintEmail

The Only Noel

At Christmas we may sing, “The First Noel.”  In the United States, this is the “Only Noel….” SharePrintEmail

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