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Hotel Rooms for $11 A Night

Connie Echols admits she was crazy when she purchased the business just down the street.  She had no idea what she’d gotten herself into.  That’s what happens when buy a 70 year old motel that rents rooms for $11 a night…

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The Long Route to Mt Katahdin

I have seen Maine’s Mt. Katahdin from afar and I’ve always wanted to venture the top.  Today we meet a man who not only walked to the top, he took another 2189 miles to get there… SharePrintEmail

Taking On a Big Challenge

It’s a task that takes most people five or six months.  A process guaranteed to increase your metabolism and hopefully make you stronger and healthier.  That said, it can be a grueling process for those who take on the challenge… SharePrintEmail

A Place of Reckoning

No one likes to be labeled a “quitter.”  However, just up the trail from Spring Mountain, Georgia you’ll find a place of reckoning.  It’s a store where many people with big dreams have a change of heart… SharePrintEmail

Retirement With a Big Idea

Bruce Sweet recently retired from his job, but he had a very big idea in mind.  It was something that would challenge him mentally, physically and spiritually.  What resulted is a task many say they’ll try, but few complete… SharePrintEmail

Something Glittering After a Rain

There was something glittering on the ground after a big rain.  It wasn’t gold, but it was certainly interesting.  So interesting in fact, that men would take seven years of time in a quest to find the source… SharePrintEmail

Digging An Ore Mine To Drum Up Business

Many a business has thought of unique ideas to drum up new customers.  So what did one group of hotel owners decides to do to increase occupancy?  Begin an iron mine… SharePrintEmail

The First Snow Skiing Club

It would be hard to identify the very person that ever began snow skiing.  The concept has been around for a long time.  But one club lays claim to a very important part of the story… SharePrintEmail

Flying…With a Little Bravery Mixed In

For centuries humans have desired to zoom into the air like birds.  But how do you get that feeling when you don’t have wings?  Some young people in northern Michigan have found one answer, but you may need a little bravery to try it… SharePrintEmail

Kids Flying Above the Ground

Many people say that kids need to be more active.  And, if you want a kid to excel in sports you need to start them young.  That’s why this story caught our eye, because you may be surprised the age of kids who are flying above the ground in pursuit of this winter and even […]

A Different Purpose for the Doghouse

Kids can sometimes come up with fantastic and perhaps, unwise stunts to pass their time around home.  Such was the case for Gary and his dad.  Maybe it wasn’t that unwise, but using the doghouse for this purpose was certainly something I would have never thought of… SharePrintEmail

A Perfect Place for Snow Sports

Depending on where you live in the nation, certain sports may be more popular than others.  When you live in the upper peninsula of Michigan, there’s a good chance the sports you love have much to do with snow… SharePrintEmail

Moving a Fort to a Better Location

Forts are often built to defend a military position.   But when your fort is not in the best location for that purpose, what do you do?  In this case, they simply picked up the fort and moved it to a place you have probably heard of… SharePrintEmail

An Innocent Game of Lacrosse

It seemed like an innocent game of lacrosse.  A group of men invited locals to come watch what was billed as an important game between two top teams.  What resulted was an amazing use of trickery to flip the odds in a military conquest… SharePrintEmail

A Strategic Fort Location

Today it is a well-known summer vacation spot.  Turn back the clock about three centuries and people would have known it as one of the most strategic water routes in the nation.  That fact made this a very important place for countries to stake their claim… SharePrintEmail

A Grand Mansion For the Family

In the days just ahead of the Civil War, one prominent young lady in New Madrid, Missouri built a grand mansion for her family.  Perhaps no one could imagine the turmoil she would see before that home was complete… SharePrintEmail

The Wishbone Studios

Directly across the street from the airport in Muscle Shoals, Alabama you’ll find a simple square building with some cabins across the lane.  Most people wouldn’t give it a second thought.  But if you get the name of the place you’ll soon find some amazing history that’s once again on display… SharePrintEmail

One of Those Names Behind the Big Names

His name is Billy Lawson…and if the name sounds familiar…well, you’ve certainly heard his work.  He’s one of those names behind the big names…but if Billy wasn’t around, well the big guys wouldn’t be so big either… SharePrintEmail

Meeting Someone Famous

Did you ever meet someone famous? Did you immediately recognize them, or did someone have to nudge you and point out the fact? Today’s story is about one of those encounters and the delightful story that can evolve when you never knew you were talking to a “big shot…” SharePrintEmail

Just Right For the Radio

We all listen to music, but we often don’t give much thought to where that music was recorded and the process it takes to get those songs just right for us to hear on the radio. Today, we venture into one of the long-time great sights in the music production world… SharePrintEmail

A Big Deal in the Music World

You’ve perhaps heard of Muscle Shoals, Alabama, but maybe you don’t know just how big a deal this place is in the music world.  We dive into the industry both past and present… SharePrintEmail

A Who’s Who Kind of Cemetery

Not just anyone gets to buried at Arlington National Cemetery.  The same holds true for this little cemetery down some backroads in northwestern Alabama.  It’s a who’s who that’s here… SharePrintEmail

A Special Cemetery

It looks like many cemeteries in the U.S.  There are grave markers and flowers surrounding by many trees.  But this is not like any other cemetery in the U.S. And that’s because of who is buried here… SharePrintEmail

The City That Was Last

This is a city that was last.  And in this case, being last isn’t all that bad, for what came here last made this museum one of the first and only places to find a once very standard piece of hardware… SharePrintEmail

The Grandest of Homes in the Most Remote of Towns

It was the grandest of homes in one of the most remote towns in America.  But there’s a good reason this house was built in this Cascades mountain town… SharePrintEmail

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